Land in the area

land plot in the village of Efimievo plot of 10 acres, permission. use: lph, s.Efimievo, light, road

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Land in the village of Troitskaya Sloboda A plot of 20 acres in the village of Troitskaya Sloboda, communications along the border of the plot, access all year round

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2 plots near the village of Bolshevo two plots of 10 hundred. near the village of Bolshevo, 2 km from Pereslavl-Zaleski, a forest nearby, light on the border,

PRICE: 130 000 rubles for each read more »
plots 20 and 19 hundred in s.Romanovo plots 20 and 19 acres, plots adjacent and even, approximately 30x70 m each, in a. Romanovo, IZhS, opposite the sites in 50 meters is the Roksha River, in one area a pond of 15х15 m, 145 km from Moscow, Yaroslavl Highway, 25 km from Pereslavl-Zalessky and Lake Pleshcheyevo, two shops in the village, a functioning church. Railway station Roksha in 2km, can be reached by bus.

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plot in the village of Kupanskoe 30 hectare plot in a pine forest in the village of Kupanskoe, near the river Veksa, a very beautiful picturesque place.

PRICE: 2200000р read more »
Uch-ki on the shore of Lake Vashutino 3 plots of 8 acres to 200 m of water, electric, year-round access, beach

PRICE: of 600,000 p read more »
plots of 50 acres in the village of Kriushkino Land plots, land settlements, an area of ​​5335 sq.m., 5000 sq. M. m, 5000 sq.m, for housing

PRICE: $ 7500 per hundred read more »
D. Sands 37 hectare plot in the middle of the village on the hill, a house for demolition, near a pond and a well, a forest around the village: berries, mushrooms, hunting. A quiet picturesque place for permanent living and recreation. 15 km from Pereslavl-Zalessky. Possible bargaining.

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Uch-ok Veskovo IZhS 15 hectare plot in Vosky, a year-round entrance, light, between two houses, near Lake Plescheevo, a restaurant.

PRICE: 1100000p read more »
plot in the village of Efimievo Plot 10 hundred in the village Efimievo, Izhs.

PRICE: 200000р read more »
plot in Nikitskaya settlement urgent plot in Nikitskaya settlement. Yaroslavl region Pereslavsky district 130 km from Moscow Ring Road. 1 km. from the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. 18 hectare plot. Electricity, gas main on the border of the site. The plot is flat, dry. It is located on the main street of Nikitskaya Sloboda. from the plot gorgeous view of nature. Near Nikitsky monastery and the holy source of St. Nikita. Year-round entrance. Beautiful, cozy place. Septic as a gift

PRICE: 1,400,000 rubles read more »
plot in the village Rohmanovo 2 plots of 10 acres in the village of Rokhmanovo

PRICE: 100 000 rub for a site read more »
plot in the village of Skomorokhovo 32 hectare plot, 2 foundation, well, light

PRICE: 550,000 rubles read more »
DNT Веськово Uchastok 15 acres near the village of Bolshie Sokolniki, DNT Veskovo, 3 km from Pereslavl-Zalessky. Excellent access to the site, asphalt road + good primer, the length of the asphalt 120 meters. Surrounding area: Nature - near the forest, Lake Plescheevo 400 meters. Beautiful, clean place overlooking the lake Plescheevo. Popular tourist destination, on the lake beach, kitesurf station, restaurant, billiards. Walking distance to Museum Botik

PRICE: 500000 rubles read more »
plot in the village of Gorodishche 12 hectare plot in the village of Gorodishche, smooth dry, porch all year round the lake

PRICE: 2000000 RUB read more »
plot in Meadow Sloboda 12 hectare plot with a house, light, road

PRICE: 650000 rub read more »
Two plots in the village of Novoselie Two plots in the village of Novoselie 10 acres, road, light, sale only in pairs, Izhs, documents are ready, land plots on the hill, Lake Plescheevo is visible, near the forest

PRICE: 1,400,000 rubles for both read more »